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 Aden Waterford

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PostSubject: Aden Waterford   Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:22 pm

Name: Aden Waterford.
Age: Unknown.
Race: Angel.
Power: -coming soon-
Job: Elder.
Hair: White.
Eyes: Gray.
Personlty: Prideful and Commanding, he is use to haveing all the power. He is also very wise.
Bio: Not much here. He was a thecher and a grovment leader when alive.
other:He had fallen in love with Jade. He als been tring to win her heart for the last 100 years. He has been come worried about her. She have been acting starngely for the last 5 years. He was hurt greatly when he found out she was in love with Sable, whoever he is. He also didn't believe Sable was wrothy of Jade's un-dieing love. Going off his ride, he believes only he sould have her love, but she doesn't love him. He seems jealous of Sable. He has offered Jade a deal as well. A much safer deal, but she would rather disapper into nothingness. Jade seems scared of him, and offten tries to run from him.
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Aden Waterford
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