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 Ava Hope****

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PostSubject: Ava Hope****   Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:23 pm

Name: Ava Hope
Age: Appears to be 18
Gender: Female
Hair: Shoulder length, straight, blonde.
Eyes: Emerald green, contrasting greatly with her pale features.
Clothes: The same blue dress as in the picture.
Wing Span: 20 feet, and dark blue
Personality: She can seem very cold and uncaring. Apathetic. Mean, some would even say. She seems to not care about anyone but herself, which begs the question, how did she become an angel in the first place?
Gifts (Powers): She can put people into a trance with her violin. She also seems to be somewhat immune to other angel or demon's powers.
Side: Light
Race: Angel
Other: She loves her violin and often plays it to calm herself, though she can also put people in a trance with it and make them do things. She always has it with her.
Job: Messanger
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Ava Hope****
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