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 Suki the beloved.

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PostSubject: Suki the beloved.   Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:23 am

The begining.

I was 15 when I first fell in love. Mother called him strange, but I didn't care, I loved him anyways. But I never told my Mother and father that, no that would a big mistake. I first met him by the river, and he scared me at first.

Sometimes after all this happened I ask myself, "Can the dead really love?"

I opened the door and stuck my head in the cool night air. I took a deep breath and ran. My bare feet yelled at me to stop when I hit the shrap rocks. I been stuck in that house all day, I need to be free, even just for a few hours.

There was a man sitting by the river, he truned his head and saw me. And I thought for sure he was a servent from my house, and when I thought that I knew I would never be able to come back out here.

Well I wasn't paying attion and I fell in the river. His hands wraped aroud my wrist and pulled me out. I was about to than him when his lips touched mine. I pulled away anger in my eyes. He was not a servent.

"Why you do that?" I yelled

He said nothing and walked away.

The next night he was there again, so I asked him who he was.

"Jake Midnight." He said as he walked away. Somehow he already knew who I was.

The next morning I asked my father if we had a servent by that name. No.

I started to go out there every night, and sometime in the next two months I fell in love with him. I found out he was 17.

((Author's note: Jake died at the age of 17, so he tod her how old he looked.))

It has been two and a half months since I met Jake.

"Suki, your father is calling for you." A servent came in my room to tell me.

It was only noon, so I went. When I walked into his study I saw that he was talking to a redhead boy. At first I thought he was a servent but he was dressed to nicely.

"Yes, father?" I said.

"Oh Suki, this is Blake Redbird. He is going to be staying with us for alittle while."

I smiled at Blake, his green eyes were beautiful.

"Hello." He said with heavly accented voice. I could tell right away he had no manners.

LAter that night I had to eat dinner alone with him. Mother and father had been invited to a dinner party a few miles away. He proved me right when he leaned on his elbow. I grinded my teeth. "Elbows off the table!" I nearly yelled he removed his elbow. But I didn't like people with no manners. "I don't know what small poor country you came from but here in Londen we have manners."

Blake looked at me. "I had no need for manners were I come from. Barins were more useful then manners anyways."

I payed him no mind and finshed in quiet.

Later that night I was trying to go back to the river. Blake was outside.

"What are you doing out here?" He asked. "You sould be sleeping."

"I could ask you the same thing. I'm going to walk." I said he nodded and walked away. That surpised me.

A few momets later I was back at the river, Jake looked at me happliy. I found myself sitting next to him smileing happyly.

Then Jake looked pass me at something or someone. He glare at he/she/it. I looked behind me, I saw no one. He conutie to glare. I looked back at him, confused. Then Blake spoke.

"Get away from her!" I looked behind me again. How did Bake get there? And why did he care anyhow?

I stood up anger in my eyes. I too glared at him. "This is none of your bussiness, you mannerless fool." This only made Blake laguh. Jake grabed my wrist.

"He's a foolish boy." Jake said trying to pull me away.

Blake glared at Jake. "Some chose in guys you have, suki." I couldn't believe it, and I didn't know if he was kidding or not.

In the ed I let Blake drag me back the house, all the way giveing him the death glare.

That's how it all began.

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PostSubject: Re: Suki the beloved.   Fri Jul 24, 2009 12:43 pm

Let the games start.

It's been a month since Blake caught me. And it surpised me that he didn't tell my father about Jake. But he has said he would a few times if I ever went back to the river.

It's now been three weeks since I saw Jake.

Out of boredom I asked Blake were he came from and what's it was like and about his family.

"I come from a courthy that no longer exists." When he said I didn't think his homeland haddn't exist in almost 500 years before I. I thought it was so small everyone just died. How was I to know that almost 500 years before I was bornthier was a bloodly war over it?

"I lived with my mother and three elder sisters. Sometimes I forget who was the eldset of them. I think it was Layla and my sister Cora only acted older." He spoke of his sisters as if they were dead. And again, how was I to know that they were?

He talked about Cora the most. I could see her in my mind, with her long blond hair. That too surpised me, I thought that they all had red hair, like Blake's. Acoording to Blake he was the oddball in the family. I didn't pick up on what he meant by was.

He went on to talk about how beautiful his homeland use to be. The only part he hated about it was how close it was to the sea. His stories msytified me. I found my sef holding to them for dear life.

It's been four weeks since I last saw Jake. Can you see my surpise when I saw him in the daylight, at my house, taking a job with my father.

So I asked him.

"I wanted to see you again, and now the foolish boy can't do anything about it."

I looked up and saw Blake glareing at Jake from his bedroom window.

It was the morning after Jake got a job with my father that I found him and him and Bake agureing. To this day I don't think they know I knew.

I was hideing out of sight.

"Why are you here?" Jake asked Blake.

"To save her from you." Blake said. Was he talking about me?

"I'm not gonna hurt her!" Jake yelled.

"Like I'm gonna believe a demon!" Blake yelled. That made me mad. Jake was a demon, well I didn't know that then.

"Even demons don't hurt those they love."

"But one day you will kill her. Right?" I grasp, Jake would never kill me. Again I didn't know that then.

And fight conutied. Suddenly Jake looked bored he placed his hand on Blake's head. Blake ell tothe ground cluching his head. I ran then.

A half an hour later Blake still hadn't retruned. I went to were Blake and Jake was earlier. He was still there, in pain. Jake was long gone.

That was the longest week of my life, the week I hated Jake.

Jake held me close.It been a week since I seen him, since he hurt Blake. Blake was still out of it no one could firgue out what had happen to him. No one knew how to fix it. He wouldn't eat and I feared for his life. Once more I didn't know then, that he couldn't die.

And there I was with the man who would responable for Blake's death, and listening to his sweet nothings. He kissed me softly on the lips. When he pulled a with a look of confusen on his face.

"You barely know him and you love him?" He asked pained.

"But I do know him, I know almost every detail about him. But you, I know almost nothing about." I didn't want to know how he knew my feelings for Redbird. That night Jake decraled that he would win me.

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PostSubject: Re: Suki the beloved.   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:42 pm

Time Of Dieing.

It has been two weeks since Blake got hurt. Two weeks since Blake stoped eating. And Jake still wouldn't tell me how to help him. I held his hand, and felt a tear running down my face. I cryed even harder when I remebered last night.

The night before I was walking down the hall on my way to meet Jake. We always keep Blake's door closed. So I felt happiness when I saw his door ajar. I thought he was back to normal. So I ran to the door, thats when I hread two female voices. I looked in.

"I can't do anything." The one with long white hair said.

"Well then can't we just take him back?" The other said.

"Melody, we can't. I'm the best healer, and even I can't help him. And won't they think it's werid that a dieing kid disappered?" The white haired one said.

"Buuuuuuuuuuut Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!" Melody cried.

"Don't but Mary me! I can't do anything to save him, I don't know how!" It sound like mary had a temper issue. "He's done for, Melody! And why did you follow me?!" Suddenly their voices disappered. I looked back into the room. They were gone.

That mary person's words rangthrough my ears. Done for. I didn't go to Jake that night. I cried my self to sleep holding Blakes hand.

It was almost noon the next day when Jake came to vist me in Blakes room.

"What?" I yelled at him. He would be the reason Blake would die.

"He won't die." Jake said simplely. "Do something he won't expact." Then he walked out of the room.

I looked down at Blake in his time of dieing, and I thought for a moment. I wanted to make him feel pain. I bit him.

My wrist was sore for a week, from when he twisted it. For saveing his life.

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PostSubject: Re: Suki the beloved.   Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:20 am


Two weeks passed by since Blake became himsef again. But he was mad. The doctor said it would be best if he stayed in bed for awhile. He keep saying he was perfectly fine. At that time I still didn't know the truth about who my geust was, or even the truth about the man I loved.

I do admit I loved them both. But Jake called to me. He was something I needed, Blake was someone I wanted. Well at least thats what I thought then. How was I to know I needed Blake, and souldn't even have wanted Jake. This all just proves Blake right when he called me foolish and careless.

I set the plate of food down next to Blake and smied at him.

"I really hope you get better soon." I said.

"I am fine. It's you I'm worried about. Sick in the head, you are." Once again I must point out his lack of manners.

"I am not crazy." I said calmy. Second time that day I was called crazy, once by Jake and then Bake.

"Really now?" Blake said before he picked up his frok and started eating. I walked out of his room, anger on my face.

And I found myself thinking. 'Why do I feel these things for him if all he does tease me and be mean to me? Jake makes me happy.' Did I think that maybe it was Blake's flaws that made him so real to me? And that Jake was just to perfect? Nope, never crossed my mind. In my mind at that time, Jake was an angel, beautiful and prefect.And Blake was some kid of Vampire carming me with his beauty to feed on on me. Maybe I was crazy.

"You want away from here, right?" Jake asked suddenly. It was tw days after Blake caled me crazy.

"Yes. Why?" I answered.

"I can take you away, far away, were they can never find you." He still didn't look at me but up at the full moon. I looked at him starngely. "Will you let me take you?"

I was about to say no, when Blake appered. "Your not taking her any where!" Blake yelled. He was a foolish boy, he sould have still been in bed.

Jake stood up and truned around. "You still haven't learnt your leason, birdy." At that time I didn't know how close to a bird Blake really was.

I could see the anger in their eyes. So before they coud kill each other, I led Blake away. How I to kow they couldn't kill each other?

Two months had passed, Jake still tryied to get me to go with him, I could never tell him no. Blake always gat there first and tod Jake to buzz off. He really didn't have manners. We were drinking tea in the outside, when I asked hom again about his family.

"You are the youngest, right? I bet your sisters love you." I said.

He set down his tea. "My sisters hated me." I still didn't know why he kept useing past tense.

So I asked. He glared at me.

"My sisters are dead." He said before he stood up and left.

I blushed, and thought, 'He called me pretty.'

Jake called me pretty many times, some how it was diffrent when Blake said it.

I was happy all day.

And that night after Jake kissed me and looked down atme witha sad look,he asked me a again to go with him.

"No." I was finally able to say. Blake didn't show up that night.That part I was happy for, but I made the mistake and said. "Not yet." That made Jake happy.

I was driking tea with Blake again the next morning scolding him on his lack of manners.

A few moments passed in silance. I didn't like it. "So you were the first born son and last born child of your family? You really had no brothers?" It surpised me that he was the only son. I my self had three brothers along with two sisters.

"Aye." He anwser. "No brothers, just sisters. But I did have a freind that I looked up to as a elder brother. When we were little and would play in the feilds, passer bys thought we were brothers. We were the only two redheads in our town."

"Oh another redhead? Must be as annoying as you then. All redheads seem to be."

He laguhed. "And how many redheads have you met?"

"One." I admitted. "Only you." Yeah I didn't get out much.

He laguhed again, then started talking about his sisters again. I could tell he missed them. Sometimes after he talked about them he seemed sad.

Bake was a beautiful sleeper. Sometimes he talked in his sleep. What he said confused me sometimes. And yes I'll admit it, I sometimes wacthed him sleep. Once I was almost tempted to run my fingers through his bloodly redhair. FINE! I was tempted more then once to do that. I promise you I never did.

I sat on the edge of his bed. He was laying on his side, sleeping. I couldn't see his face. His red hair had fallen over his face. I held my hand above his face. All I wanted to do was see his sleeping face. I cosed my eyes and thought of him. He was in all ways a farm boy in a noble's outfit.

I smiled when he truned onto his back and his hair fell out of his face. He was so beautiful.

"They'll burn her if they find out." Blake mumabled in his sleep.

I rembered what the medacine lady once told me. "If you ever come across asleep walker don't wake them suddenly, they could hurt themselfs. If you come across a sleeptalker take full power and aske them every you always wanted to know, but keep your voice soft." Blake wasn't a sleep walker, but he did talk in his sleep. There was so many things I wanted to know.

"Burn who?" I asked softy

"Cora." He said still asleep.

"Why burn cora?"

"They think she was a witch. And it's my fault." He said still in his sleep state.

I didn't want to know why they would think his sister was a witch. There was others thing more importen to me.

"Do you love someone?" I asked suddenly. I felt bad breaking into his secrets without him knowing

"Yes." He anwsered truning to his side.

"Who?" My voice still soft.

"Suki." He said and for a moment I thought he woke up but then he was mumbleing something else, soomething I didn't hear.

My face was red. I asked him one last qustion and left after I recived my anwser, confused.

I blushed as I sat across from Bake the next morning. He was eating his ood happily. I was playing with mine. We were alone again that morning.

"Were did your manners go? I thought one with manners like your didn't play with thier food." He said rather annoyingly

"Shut up!" I yelled.

"Tisk tisk tisk. And I thought I didn't have manners." Blake said. He was isulting me after he told me he loved me? Well I geuss he didn't know he told me he loved me.

One of the maids laguhed. I glared at her.

HE was an aweful dancer, truely nightmareish. I'm talking about Blake. It's like he really did grow up lower class. And Let me tell you I tried to tech him how to dance. And believe me his only grace is in his looks. He is no vampire.

Blake stood with his back agaist the wall of the ball room looking bored. My friends May and Lisa along with some other girls were trying to get his attion. When he failed to notice them it only made them want him more.

My dad had throwen a party and everyone was danceing. Well not Blake, for he couldn't.

I laguhed sightly at the other girls trys at getting him to look at them.

He kept glanceing at me, but no one else notcied. Every time I thought of him I blushed. It has been about a year since I found out he loved me, and I would be trunig 17 soon.

I felt bad I still haven't told him I knew how to get anwsers out of him.

I danced with my partner. And my thought kept driffing. 'Who do I love more? Jake or Blake? And will it all end in heartake"

I was done danceing for the moment and was sitting on the other side of the room with Lisa and May.

"He's so cute." May said glanceing at Blake.

I rolled my eyes "Who?" I asked through I knew the anwser.

"The redbird boy." Lisa said.

"I do not see any cuteness in him." I lied

"I love his eyes. What a beautiful shade of green." May said.

"They are sea green." I said. "He hates them." I said remebering him once saying "I can't not look in the mirror without thinking of the sea. I do not like the sea, I very well hae it!" I thought for a moment. "He doesn't like the sea he very well hates it."

"Why?" Lisa asks.

I didn't say anything for a while. "I don't know." I finally admited.

Both Lisa and May stood up pulling me up with them.

"Oh! Lets ask him!" May said happily.

May let me go as soon as she was close enough to talk to him. "Suki says you don't like the sea, why?"

Blake blinked. "Just because. And it's none of your bussiness!" HE said rather rudely, just like a fram boy. He stalked off.

May and Lisa gigled and followed him asking him random qustions. I couldn't help but laguh.

Then father came up with a man I never met before. The man seemed to be atound 24.

"This is Josh Sands. My father said.

Mr. Sands had sandy brown hair and mud brown eyes. He was a very handsome man. Very boreing too. Father had me talk to him for the rest of the party. And poor Blake was stuck in a coner by Lisa and May. I saw that out of the coner of my eye, and it was so hard not to laguh.

As I was saying, Mr. sands is a really boreing man. Al he talked about was his bussiness. And to this day I still have no clue what his bussiness was. He made it so confusing.

Blake wore off on me.

"Marry him!" I yelled and pointed rudely at Mr. Sands.

My father nodded.

I ran from the room cring. I ran into Blake.

"Stop him." I cried pointing the way I came.

"I can't." Blake said sadly.

I looked up tears in his own eyes. I slapped him. I do not kow how to explain the look on his face.

I ran off. He had no right to cry. I loved me then he sould fight for me.

I knew what I had to do. And I would do it that very night.

Suki wholesome
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Suki the beloved.
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