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 Blake Redbird's Story.

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PostSubject: Blake Redbird's Story.   Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:51 pm

Age six.

He pushed Cora in the river again, he quickly saved her. He wondered if she noticed he didn't do that to her when she made her mad, only whe he was happy and haveing fun. He always thought it would be wrong to do so when he was mad or she just might die.

He was scared father was stealing again, he didn't want to become head of the family. If he did it would slowly break apart, that he knew.

The day his father was hung he took over. He had a pained look on his face at his death.

In days following his fathers death his freinds looked at him differnetly. They stoped playing with him. He started to push Cora in the river more, but never let her drowned.

Age Ten.

Blake walked in they didn't have much food so that night he gave his sisters his dinner.

Later that night he hread his mother telling his sisters it might be a good Idea to leave him in the moutions so they could have more food. His sisters didn't answer.

The next day he woke up early. He wanted to go to the river and push cora in but not help her out. He scared himself and staied away from the river.

He remained scared of being thrown out of his own house the rest of his life.

A few days later he was walking pass some houses. Someone threw mud at him. A woman came out ad started to cuss at him.

"Stay away from here you theif!!!" Sheyelled at him as he tried to get away. He never stole anything in his life.

He was walking with cora to the river later that day. "What's wrong Blake?" She asked.

"Nothing." He lied.

"Whatever like I cared anyways." Cora said running ahead to the river.

Blake climed a tree and didn't come back down. He didn't push Cora in this time.

That night he bit Layla when she tried to take his food.

"Son of the devil." Sally called him.

Age 13.

Blake woke up and saw Cora senking out. He saw her swimming. He wanted to tell her only witchs swim. But he was to scared and felt gulity. He felt as if she didn't trust him. He wanted to prove to her he wouldn't lit her drown so he kept doing pushing her in.

Age 15
A noble lady was passing tru, and Blake caught her eye. She told him if she worked for her for a year she would give him anything he wanted.

"I'll work for you for a year for a silk ribbon for My sister, Cora." He said remebering that se said she wanted one.

Age 16

It been a year since he started to work for the noble lady. He was on his way home with his gift. He told cora before he left that when he gat home he would have a surpise for her. They didn't know about him working for the noble.

He was by the cliff near the ocean when Robert appered. "What do you got there, theif? He asked

"A gift for Cora." Blake said. He didn't like Robert.

"Did you know your sister can swim?" Robert said suddenly he had seen her once swiming ad Blake pushing her in the river another time. "And she hates you. So why sould you be alive?" He took a step closer to Blake. Robert puled out a knife and gt Blake across the face, again and again. Soon his face was unreconizeable. "You had a pretty face, my sister loved it she was to scared to tell you, you were a theif." But he didn't fight back. Robert got him in the gut with the knife, whe Bake tried to reach for the knife to stop him Robert broke his arm. After a few more painful cuts Blake was pushed off the cliff and died. Before that Robert riped the bow out of his hands and said he would give it to Cora.
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Blake Redbird's Story.
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