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 Lenora Jones

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PostSubject: Lenora Jones   Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:43 pm

Age 7

"This one daddy, this one!" The little girl cried, tugging on his sleeve to get him to follow. He laughed.

"I'm coming, Lenora, I'm coming," he said. She led him over to the ferris wheel. He smiled and gave the woman their tickets and picked her up and they got on. She looked out over the park with an awe-struck face.

"Everything's so big, daddy," She whispered. He laughed.

"The whole world is so big, sweety," he said. He put an arm around her shoulder. "But you're /my/ whole world."

Age 8

"Can we keep him? Please?" Lenora asked, pleading with her eyes. Her dad sighed.

"Sweetie, we can't. He's too much. We have us to take care of." Lenora looked down at the puppy she held in her arms sadly.

"But he'll die without us," she said sadly. He smiled sadly and took the puppy from her.

"I'll take him to the vet; they'll take care of him," he said. Lenora sighed but nodded.

"Thank you, daddy."

Age 9

A young girl sat on the sidwalk, holding her knee and crying. Her father walked over and leaned down next to her.

"What happened?" He asked. The girl sniffled.

"I-I fell," she said. He smiled sadly.

"Let me look at it," he said. She reluctantly moved her her hands to reveal a good-sized gash that was bleeding a bit.

"This will sting," he said, and sprayed it with disinfectent spray. The girl winced but said nothing as he put a baind-ade on it.

"Come on, let's go home, Lenora," he said. She took his hand and they walked.

Age 10

"Where is he?" Lenora asked her mother, standing in the doorway. She had just gotten home from school and her dad wasn't there.

Her mother tried to hold back her tears as she looked at her daughter, but failed. "He's gone, sweety. He left us." The hurt in Lenora's eyes was almost beyond her years.

"No, you're lying!" She yelled.

"Lenora, please-" her mom began but Lenora had already run out the door. SHe was running down the sidewalk, tears blurring her vision when she tripped and fell. She held her knee, tears falling down her cheeks. Her mind flashed back to the day a year ago when this happened and he helped her. She looked up and half-expected to see him standing there over her with a smile and a hand held out. But he wasn't there.

"Daddy..." she whispered.

Age 11

"Where's your dad, huh Lenora?" The boy asked, shoving her. She stumbled back.

"He's away on business," she lied. The boy laughed along with his friends.

"Really? We heard he left you. He left you liek the piece of trash you are." His friends laughed. Lenora stood up.

"No, no he didn't! Daddy loved us!" She yelled, tears in her eyes.

"Yeah, right," the boy said. "Let's go guys," he waved his friends away and they left, but not before pushing her over again.

Age 12

"I don't want to go into junior high," Lenora mumbled, as her mom fitted her in her new clothes. They didn't have as much money as some of the other familys so it was mostly old stuff that still fit her.

"I know, sweetie," her mother said sadly, placing a hand on her cheek. "But you're growing up. You have to." She handed her her backpack. Lenora took it reluctantly.

"You'll be fine," she said. Lenora gulped and nodded but didn't believe it herself. She walked out the door that day with her head held high but came home crying.

Age 13

"I hate you dad!" Lenora yelled, punching her pillow. "I hate you, hate you, hate you!!!" She cried. She looked out the window and then back at the picture of him that lay on her dresser. She threw it at the wall.

"It's your fault mom's a mess, it's your fault other kids are always mean to me, and it's your fault we're so bad off! I thought you loved me!" She yelled, tears falling down her cheeks. "I'm glad you left!"

Age 14

"Can I sit here?" Lenora asked the girl at lunch. It was the first day of highschool. The girl looked up at her, took one look at her clothes and hair, then stifled a laugh.

"Um, no," she said, only causing more laughter from her friends. Lenora rolled her eyes and kept looking for a chair.

Age 14 (still)

"Come on, Lenora, you can sit here," Someone called. It was the middle of the school year and she still didnt' really have a seat at lunch. Lenora looked at the source of the voice. It was a girl she hadn't met before, but she seemed nice enough. Lenora smiled and sat down next to her and her other few friends and they began talking. They never became best friends but they were friends.

Age 15

Age 16

"We're going to the mall, wanna come?"

"No, I'm not really into that," Lenora answered her friendo n the phone. Her friend sighed.

"Fine, but you're still coming to my party tomorrow, right?" She asked. Lenora smiled on her end.

"Yes, of course," she said.

"Good, see you then. Bye, Lenora."

Lenora was just a normal teenage girl. Well, not totally normal. She was usually alone at school, except for her few close friends. In fact, she had been on her way to a pajama party when she died.

Lenora had never been really into fashion, shopping, or boys. Nor had boys ever really been into her. She’s had a few crushes, but no boy had ever shown any interest in her, and she’d never kissed a boy either. She didn’t mind, though.

She was shy most of the time, but let herself show more around her close friends. She was stubborn and had trouble admitting her feelings even to herself. She also loved to draw, and was actually quite good.

Lenora’s father had left when she was 10, leaving just her and her mom. She had hated him ever since then, been bitter towards him. She wished that he would of at least come home once to tell them where h was, but he didn’t. It had broken her mom’s heart, and she hated him for it. HE broke her heart, too.

“Come on, mom, we’re gonna be late,” Lenora said, looking out the window. It was raining hard.

“I can’t go any faster in this rain,” her mother answered, keeping her eyes on the road. Lenora sighed, pulling her nightgown down farther, but it just went right back up. She was excited since she hardly ever went to sleepovers. She looked out the window in time to see the semi.

“MOM!” She cried, but it was too late. She felt the impact as the semi them head on, sending her flying if it weren’t for her seatbelt. She was thrown forward, the seatbelt cutting into her skin. The airbag came out and hit her in the face, making it hard to breathe. She managed to push it away. Everything hurt. She looked down at a pool of red liquid quickly collecting at her feet. Blood. Hers? She looked at herself. Shards of glass stuck in her everywhere, and now she felt the pain. She let out a cry as she leaned back against the seat. Blood came down her forehead and into her eyes, making it hard to see. She felt dizzy, and everything hurt. She felt as though she had a knife stuck in her leg. It was a large shard of glass. She pulled it out with a grunt, then gasped as more blood came pouring and the pain increased. She couldn’t stop it. She let the pain take over, leaning back against the seat, closing her eyes. She felt her breathing slowing, and could faintly feel her mom shaking her shoulders. She didn’t stir. She felt as though she were being weighed down by bricks. She could hear the ambulance and heard it stop next to the car.

“This girl is losing blood, fast,” she heard someone say. “Get her in the ambulance! Now!” She could barely feel herself being lifted and placed on a stretcher. She didn’t stir.

“Her leg!” One of them said, pointing. “She cut her artery!” Lenora could hardly feel the pain anymore.

“She’s lost too much blood,” another said.

‘I’m dying….’ Lenora managed to think as she floated in the darkness in her head. She couldn’t bring herself to open her eyes, no matter how hard she tried. She could feel someone holding her hand, and thought it was her mom. She was now looking down at herself.

‘How is this possible?’ she thought as she watched her unmoving body. Her mom was on a stretcher next to her, holding her hand though she was badly injured herself. The doctors began to try and resuscitate Lenora, and she felt a slight pressure on her chest as she watched them. But she knew it was too late. The pain was fainter now, and she felt herself float up.
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Lenora Jones
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