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 Cora Redbird's diary

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PostSubject: Cora Redbird's diary   Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:14 pm

March 21
Today blake pushed me in the lake. The nerve of him! He knows I can’t swim! Besides, I’m his older sister! I may be 7, but I still am. Ever since he was born he’s acted like h’s the oldest. Arrogant little boy. He doesn’t understand. Even though he may be the head of the house someday, he’s still /my/ little brother.

March 30
Blake did it again. I was out helping with the chores and he just hsoved me in. Heh fished me out with a rope. I’m sick of this. He’s done it at least 5 times now. When will he learn?

April 4
Dad’s been stealing more lately. I’m worried about him. We all know what will happen if he’s caught. But it’s the only way we can survive. I can’t let mom, Blake, Layla, or Sally see that I’m worried. I took on the role of the older sister, even though Layls /is/ older than me by a year. I’m the most mature. Blake pushed me in again today. I’m running out of dry clothes. Stupid little boy.

April 10
We’re barely surviving anymore. Dad is getting more and more reckless. He’s going ot get caught. He’s going to die. I know it.

April 14
I’m going to kill Blake. If he does that one more time….

April 16
Dad was caught. His hanging is set for tomorrow at noon. Mom’s a wreck. Layla’s just quiet, not that that’s unsual. Sally’s crying. Blake is trying to comfort her. I feel….nothing. I prepeared myself for this long ago. I knew it was coming. But I don’t know if I can stand to watch it…..

The rope was lowered slowly around his neck. He looked straight ahead with dignity. Cora stood in the front, in between Sally and Layla. Sally was silently crying. Her mom was practically in hysterics. Layla watched him, her face revelaing no emotion. Blake had a pained expression on his face. The executinor began to speak and suddenly Cora’s heart went numb. What she had thought she had prepared herself for was finally sinking in. She watched her father, struggling to hold back her tears.

‘Daddy….’ She thought, the memories of their life flashing before her eyes. She kept the tears back as the executionor reached out for the handle that would drop him to his death. Her mom cried out and rushed forward, but was held back by other citizens. Cora watched her then looked back at her father, her face pained. The man pulled the handle, and she watched as his feet were taken out from underneath him and he fell, being caught by his neck. She watched until he went limp, and then she let a single tear fall.
July 6
We’re all finally starting to heal after dad’s death. Blake hasn’t stopped pushing me in the lake. I’m getting scared. I still can’t swim. What if he doesn’t bring the rope one of these times? Then what?

July 8
I snuck out today. I went to the lake, and I swam. I couldn’t go in my dress; it’s far too heavy. I stripped down to my underclothes. I stayed where I could reach and swam. I need to learn how, don’t I? I mean, if my stupid little brother doesn’t stop, one of these days he may not have the rope with him to get me out. Right?

July 9
I’m 8 now. I’m learning how to swim better. Mom hasn’t caught me yet. I hope she doesn’t.

August 30
Blake is /still/ pushing me on. I keep telling him to stop, but he won’t. I don’t’ understand him. Does he find joy in pushing me around?
~~3 years later~~~

December 5
11 years old! It seems like I’d never get here. But here I am. I can swim so good now, so haha Blake! It’s been 3 years but he still is doing that to me. The little cretin. I wish he would just knock it off already!

February 18
Mom caught me swimming. She yelled at me and dragged me out. I told her today was the first time, even though it wasn’t. She told me that I can’t ever do it again. When I asked why she wouldn’t tell me. What’s so bad about swimming?

February 23
I snuck out again today. I want to be safe when Blake does it again. I know he will. He’s so immature! He’s supposed to be the head of this house now. When exactly is he going to start?!?

February 26
Blake did it /again/. I let him drag me in with the rope. I didn’t want him to know I knew how to swim. He might tell mom.
~~~1 year later~~~
I'm 12 now.

February 30
Mom suggested leaving Blake in the mountains today so we'd have more food. I thought she was kidding, but she wasn't. Why would she want to leave her only son in the mountains to starve? I mena, sure, he's annoying, but even I wouldn't do that.

~~3 years later~~
March 5
I’m 14. Blake hasn’t matured at all. He’s still pushing me in the lake every chance her gets. I haven’t snuck out in a while. Now that I know how to swim, I don’t think I need to. But it was kind of fun……..

March 8
It was so exhilarating. I was swimming and didn’t get caught. I know I’m supposed to be the mature one, and I am. But it’s so much fun. Mom still never told me why I can’t. I still don’t get it.

April 6
Mom’s been working so hard lately. I’ve been helping more with the chores than I usually do. It’s exhausting.

~~2 years later~~
May 7
I’m 16 now. Blake is still being the immature little brat he was when I was 7. Pushing me in the lake, being a know-it-all about /everything/. It’s so aggravating.

May 9
Blake pushed me in again. I shoved him back but then he went off about how he’s ‘the head of the household’. Stupid. He’s only 15. And he still acts like a 7 year old! I’m in charge of taking care of them along with mom. I seem to be the only one mature enough to.

May 18
I met a boy today. His name is Robert. He’s so amazing. He understands me more than anyone else. I hope I can see him again…..

June 14
Me and Robert have been talking to each other for a while now. I’m not sure what these feelings are that I’m having. I just know that I want to be around him every chance I get. Blake keeps teasing me about him. It’s annoying.

August 6
Robert kissed me. My first kiss. I’m not very girly but it was amazing. I feel as though he’s a part of me. I think…..I think I love him.

August 9
My mom doesn’t know about Robert. I’ve been sneaking out to see him just as I used to do when I was still learning how to swim. I still don’t know why mom hated that so much….

August 29
I told Robert that I loved him today. I was so scared. But he said it back. I don’t really know what to do now.

~1 year later~
May 4
Another year gone by. I’m 17 now. I’m still in love with Robert, though he and Blake don’t get along. But what do I care? Blake is still immature. He pushed me in the lake again today. I still have to pretend not to know how to swim and let him fish me out with the rope. I’m still scared he won’t have it one day, but at least now I’ll be safe. Though I haven’t been swimming in so long….

May 6
Blake pushed me in again. Why doesn’t he just drop dead?!

June 6
Blake went out today and never came back. I think he got sick of his responsibilities and left us. What a creep! Mom’s even more of a mess now. She lost her husband and her son. I hope he comes back. For mom’s sake, not mine.

June 11
Still no sign of Blake. Mom is convinced he’s dead. I don’t know. But I don’t care. If he left us and went and got himself killed, then good riddance.

July 30
We’ve moved on now. They’re acting as if Blake died. I guess he did. But I don’t know what happened. I wish I did. I still think he’s out somewhere, but I can’t help but feel that he really is gone……

August 4
Robert gave me a lovely silk ribbon today. I'm wearing it in my hair right now. I don't know how he afforded it, and I didn't ask. But it's beautfiul.

August 5
Why do I miss Blake? He did nothing but tease me, terrorize me. But now I’m sure of it. He’s dead, and I….. –the rest of the page is stained with a teardrop-

December 23
Layla died today. She was in a cart and it went off the road. She broke her neck. The funeral is tomorrow. I’m keeping my emotioins to myself. Sally and mom need me. We’re all that’s left now. Mom is a complete mess.
Cora watched as Layla’s coffin was lowered into the ground. Her mother stood next to her, sobbing. Sally was silently crying. She wasn’t; she just watched, keeping her tears inside.
February 5
We’re slowly healing. It’s so much harder now. We’re hardly surviving. Without dad or Blake to help, and now Layla’s gone too. Everything’s on us now. I barely have time to write in here anymore.

February 8
I can’t belive it, but I kind of miss Blake pushing me in the lake…..

February 9
I snuck out to swim today. I know I don’t need to because Blake isn’t here, but it helps take my mind off of things. But mother caught me. She told me that if someone sees me swimming, they’ll think I’m a witch. That only witches swim. I’m scared . But that idea is so stupid. I always knew that people had been burned as witches, but I never knew how they proved they were one. Now I do. And I’d never admit it, but I’m scared.
March 10
We’re finally ok, I think. We’re doing better, getting over everyone’s deaths. Sally has been feeling sick lately, which puts more chores on me. I hope she gets better soon.

March 12
Sally is getting worse. Mom’s worried.

March 14
Robert is the only thing keeping me going lately. He comforted me when Blake died, then when Layla did, and now when I’m so tired he keeps me going. I love him so much. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

March 15
Sally is even worse. I’m getting worried now.

March 16
Sally is dead. Whatever she had got her. She just got worse and worse until finally she went to sleep and never woke up. Mom’s heartbroken. I’m all she has now. The funeral is tomorrow. I don’t want to go. It only makes things worse.
As Sally’s casket was lowered, Cora held back her tears for the 3rd time. All of her siblings were dead. She only had her mom now. She glanced over at her. She was sobbing. She walked over to her and silently wrapped her arms around her and let her cry into her shoulder.

April 20
Mom has been clinging to me more and more now. I’m just as sad as she is, but I can’t show it. I never can, even though I have no one to protect now but her. I haven’t swum since she told me what happens to people who do. She’s convinced they’re going to come for me any day now. I keep telling her no one ever saw me, but she doesn’t believe me.

April 22
I miss them so much…….

April 30
I’m trying to keep busy with the chores to keep my mind off of things, but it isn’t working. I miss them.

May 1
Robert asked him to marry me today. I said yes. I love him so much and he's the only thing that makes my life worth living.

May 5
I went swimming today. I was sick of feelings depressed, and it usually made me feel a bit better. Only this time I think I saw someone watching me, but I wasn’t sure….

May 6
Mom is still as worried as before. I never told her that I went again.

Cora stood in the kitchen with her mom, helping her make dinner. She was humming softly. All of a sudden she heard the bowl her mom had been holding drop to the floor and shatter. She spun around and saw her mom laying on the ground, hands over her chest, eyes wide. Cora dropped the bowl she had been holding and heard it shatter as well, running over to her mom and leaning down next to her.

“Mom, are you okay?” She whispered. Her mom didn’t answer. Cora placed her head on her chest. There was no heartbeat.

May 8
Mom is gone. I’m all alone. Her funeral is today. I don’t know if I can take another one.

Cora stood alone at her mother’s funeral. Robert was next to her, holding her hand. She watched the casket, dry-eyed. She wouldn’t let herself cry here. Not in front of others. She watched as the man said a few words and then lowered the casket.

May 10
I’m alone now. I just have Robert, but he’s not here right now. I still can't believe I'm engaged! But I’m scared. The man I thought I saw watching me swim may’ve just been my imagination, but I’m not sure.

May 11
They’re here. They’re pounding on my door. I can hear them. They’re shouting ‘witch!’ So I’m taking this last moment to write down something in case someone ever finds this. Blake, I didn’t hate you like I said I did. I lo- -the rest of the page is blank-
May 11
Cora stood on the pile of wood, her hands tied roughly behind her around the wooden stake. Robert was trying to fight his way through the crowd to help her, but couldn’t. She shook her head at him. “It’s too late,” she whispered. They had tried her. Thrown her in the well. She had swam. And now she was set to be burned. She had never faced death head on like this. She had lost feeling in her arms and was dripping wet, her hair over her face. She had been dressed in a ratty brown dress for her death. Cora watched as the others approached her with torches. She felt tears falling down her cheeks, though they were hard to see because she was so wet. She mouthed ‘I love you’ to Robert one last time before they lowered the torch to the wood. She heard a blood-curdling scream as the flames engulfed her, then realized that it was her. She heard Robert still fighting his way through the crowd, though she could see nothing now but the wall of flames. She let out one last cry before she felt herself leave her body.
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Cora Redbird's diary
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