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 Lance "Link" Sparrow

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PostSubject: Lance "Link" Sparrow   Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:28 pm

Name; Lance "Link" Sparrow (Prefers to be called Link.)
Age: 17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark blue (Note: When he frist appers he has both eyes, but when the others meet him he would already lost his right eye.)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Wears: Dark colors. Camo.
Gurdain: Blake
Demon: None as of yet. (Note: He recives a gurdain to help keep him alive.)
Other: Has a tattoo Of the number 60 on his cheeck. He comes from a rich family. He has no mother or father. They died three months ago. And he is very werid. He loves water. You will often find him at the beach or at a water park. Sometimes he doesn't Wear the eye pacth to freack people out. Romors are spread that he gat kicked out of his last school, by beating this one kid into a coma, but he didn't.
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Lance "Link" Sparrow
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