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 Catrina Lynn

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PostSubject: Catrina Lynn   Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:22 am

Name: Catrina Lynn
Age: 17
Eyes: actually redish brown, but she wears contacts that makes her look like she has cat eyes, they even have slits going down the center of them, but instead of being normal green, they're red.
Clothing: (In the picture)
Personality: To new people she acts rude, and distant. She doesn't talk much to them just stares at them. But when she gets used to them, she will start to talk to them, but not much.
Other: She has a kind of weird obsession with cats, but doesn't have any, she has 2 full grown pitbulls, one who is black with a white spot on her chest, and a brown male.
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Catrina Lynn
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