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 Mia Rising

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PostSubject: Mia Rising   Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:06 pm

Name: Mia Rising
Age: Appears to be 16
Hair: Long, straight, and black with bangs.
Eyes: A light grey
Wings: About 18 feet, one pure black and one pure white.
Race: Stricken (halfway to being a fallen, but not quite there yet)
Power: Her split personality, being able to go from one to the other, however its not always willingly and she can't control it. she has different powers in each side. As her normal self, she can see where anyone is and what they are doing at any time. It will play in front of her like a movie. She can let others see this as well. As Ella, she can do this, but she can also predict somone's (a human's) time of death, and can see into the near (very near) future.
Personality: She has a split personality. Her inner voice is always there, just waiting to come out.

Her one side, her normal side, is herself. Which is usually nice, and usually quiet. Sometimes sarcastic, but only jokingly. Rarely mean, and cries too easily and is very sensitive.

Her other side, she calls 'Ella', started out as an imaginary friend, but became stronger and stronger. Sometimes she changes, and this side comes out. It is mean, ruthless, and cruel, the complete opposite of her normal self.
Wears: Her dress (see picture)
Bio: She woke up in heaven about 10 years ago, after sleeping for 20 years. In her human life, she was a good little child. She got lonely sometimes, though, which is why she made up Ella. But she became too strong as she got older. She died in a house fire, which she herself started. Ella took over and made her, and then she changed back, and was consumed by the flames. She had been home alone, so only she herself died. It was as if Ella was trying to kill her, and she succeded.
Other: She can be seen talking to 'Ella' a lot.
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Mia Rising
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