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PostSubject: Zinc******   Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:58 pm

Name: Zinc
Age: Same as Jade
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Side: ???
Clothes: A black lace dress, from the 1800's
Power: Many strange powers.
Hair: Short, and White.
Eyes: Red.
Personality: Carefree. Happy. Talks alot. loud.
Bio: When Jade was born they just suddenly appered, as five years old. No one could see them. No one but Jade. For five years they wathed her grow. As soon as she truned five they got their powers, and started ageing, but they let no one but Jade see them. They felt attahed to her. As she grew they grew, they are almost like demon forms of her. But they stopped ageing at age 17. But they didn't leave her alone. When she died they were trapped inside of her, and are just now being freed from her.
Other: Is a born demon, a type of demon that is born with a human. They are born as five year olds and don't recive their powers and start ageing till the human they were born with truns five. They stop ageing at 17. They don't need anyone to take care of them, and only the human they are born with will know about them. If they are not trapped with in thier human counterpart after they die they will make their preasnce known to others, (But still stay by the one they were born with's side. For the most part.) Sometimes they an be freed if they are trapped. It is rare to have one born demon, more so with two.

Zinc along with Ruby are born demons of Jade.
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