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 Lee Maybell

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PostSubject: Lee Maybell   Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:45 pm

Name: Lee Maybell
Age: Appears 19 but is hundreds of years old
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Personality: Quiet and thoughtful. She doesn't hold a grudge against Andrew for leaving her anymore, nor anyone asssociated with him. She is very forgiving, and somewhat of a pushover. She understands why Andrew did what he did, and she is very understanding to anyone. She will help anyone she can.
Powers: She can send someone back in time, either a few days or years, and show them their memories or other's memories. They will be watching it as though it is a show. She can also send them forward in time, but not by much. She can take more than one person at once. She only uses these powers to help people, though it may hurt them in the beginning. She can also stop time, and make only certain people able to move. This only works for a small area around her, though. Basically, she can control time. Once she takes people in the past, she will know all about that person's past already. She doesn't have to take them back in time just to see someone's past, though. She can take them, or just go herself, for a multitude of other reasons.
Job: She helps newly awakens, like Mary and Melody.
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Lee Maybell
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